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I help lightworkers find their voice, vision, and brand so they can do what they do best – be of service to humanity.

Founder, Creative Director, Intuitive Designer, & Lightworker

Lia Borror

I am a versatile creative with over 28 years of deep design and branding expertise across various industries and disciplines. With a passion for harmonizing diverse audiences and information, I focus on brand, using an intuitive, human-to-human approach. Beyond that, I am a lightworker and Shamanic energy practitioner who can tap into visionary guidance to release limiting beliefs and discover meaningful insights that will elevate your brand. Combining these practices brings genuine authenticity to your business, brand, and purpose.

Lia Borror, Lightworker, Founder, Creative Director, & Intuitive Designer


Brands with Purpose

Walking with the divine requires finesse and gratitude that should come through with your brand and every piece of communication you put out in the universe. On top of that, your mission and purpose should come across in everything you do, making it clear to your customers that you are here to help them. This is where I come in. I can guide you through a process, always keeping your business goals and higher purpose in mind. With my approach, the true essence of your purpose is translated into a beautiful brand, website, and other marketing materials that reflect you at every touch point. By finding the best representation of who you are, you can call in exactly the right clients for your gifts.

With gratitude and humility, I collaborate with you and your divine team to bring out the best of both worlds — your highest intentions and your earth-bound expression — creating a lightworker brand that is genuinely and meaningfully yours. With over 28 years of experience in branding, design, and strategy, I know what it means to work tactically with specific business goals in mind. By combining the aspects of your sacred path with practical business planning, I can create a brand vision for you that is fulfilling and truly meets both needs. You can feel good knowing that your brand is built with the highest integrity and purpose and is ready to reach your audience with a consistent and beautiful message.

Lightwalker Brands


Using branding, website design, and other marketing materials, I support you through the Lightwalker process, helping connect you to your higher self – to bring in the most aligned aspects of who you truly are — to show to the world.

Sacred Geometry


Creating Well-Rounded Brand Experiences Grounded in Insight

As a creative designer with extensive marketing experience, I leverage my deep understanding of branding, storytelling, and advertising to launch products and grow brands. I focus on being strategic and conceptual, turning ordinary messaging into something emotionally memorable.

Sacred Geometry


Building a Powerful Online Presence for Your Unique Story

With an eye for design and a mindset wired for brand strategy, I shape, sharpen, and create exciting websites that distinguish products and services to advance business objectives. Not only will your website be beautiful, but it will also be designed thoughtfully, with your user’s experience in mind.

Sacred Geometry


Specializing in Purposeful Multi-Platform Campaigns

As an intuitive creative, I bring the spotlight to conscious brands, small and large, new and established, with visually dynamic and compelling designs. With a wide-ranging approach that goes beyond the status quo, your pieces will influence trust and help gain market share.


Client Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it. Read these kind words from some of my thoughtful clients.

Five Point Healing


Darren Borror

I have used Lia to create all my business brands and websites for many years. Working with her is always a pleasure. Her attention to detail and ability to take my ideas and create a solid vision make the process easy. She captures my ideas to create a cohesive brand and experience. Each website works seamlessly, making updates simple.
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Katherine Jerald

I’ve been a client of Lia for over a decade—she’s incredible. Most recently, she designed a logo for a new business I launched. Not only does she have existing experience in my niche, but she really helped me to discover how I wanted to brand my firm. Her work is best-in-class and she really understands the needs of her clients. 
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The process was fun and I really enjoyed working with Lia as it helped me discover more about what I wanted my brand to mean and what visuals I wanted to represent my company. She made it all a reality through insightful questions and flexible mock-ups. Lia really helped me capture the vibe and bring it all together.

Featured High Vibe Brands



With my signature packages, I support you through each process. I help you connect with your higher self to take in the most aligned aspects of who you truly are. Don’t worry if you don’t know what your brand should be or how to represent yourself on the market. I’ll walk you through a defined process to get you there and support you every step of the way.


Brand Discovery
1:1 Core Belief Session
Shamanic Insight
Brand Value Statement
Creative Direction
Logo Design
Alternate Logo
Brand Color Palette
Elements & Patterns
Brand Style Guide PDF





Web Discovery
1:1 Core Belief Session
Shamanic Insight
WordPress CMS
Up to 10 Pages
Blog Functionality
Responsive Design
Social Media Integration
Stock Imagery
Contact & Newsletter Form
SEO Basic Set-Up




Brand & Website
Combo Package

When you’re ready for it all, get a new visual brand identity with your dream website and save with a combo package. Get everything in the Branding Package and everything in the Website Package.
Attract Your Best Customers
Charge Premium Prices
Reduce Marketing Costs
Boost Your Brand’s Value




Custom Marketing Add-Ons

Once your brand and website are live, I’m here to support you in all your other marketing needs, from social media to brochures and everything in between. Your business can flourish with consistent visuals and messaging that call in your aligned clients.

Launch Graphics

Social Media Graphics

Brand Stationary Design

Branded Collateral

Campaign Development



Packaging / Label Design

Brochures / Catalogs

Trade Show / Environmental

Email Marketing


Website E-Commerce

Copy Writing

And More…

Core Belief Work

Clearing Limiting Beliefs to Meet Your Business Goals

As part of the process, I can help you clear energetic blockages connected with money, bringing in clients, and under-selling yourself. When you launch your new brand and website, you will have no hesitation calling in success. I do this through a process called Core Belief Work, where I help to target any limiting beliefs that could be hindering you or your business so you can be free to live your life’s purpose.


Is this the Right Fit?

If you resonate with any of the below statements, I’m ready to help you elevate your brand.

I want to spread my message to the world in the most meaningful way, aligning with my heart’s purpose.


I can help you align your brand with your purpose.

I'm ready to step into my purpose and bring my unique voice to the world, but marketing is too overwhelming.


Your voice needs to be heard and I can help you do it in a way that’s aligned with your purpose.

I wish to communicate my vision and how I can be of service but need help crafting my messaging.


I can help you express your vision and service offerings in a clear, meaningful way.

I'm ready to connect with my highest self to actualize my true essence through my brand, voice, and messaging.


I can help you align your brand with your highest self so you can communicate in a purposeful way.

I need help finding my voice and communicating what I do for potential clients.


I can help you find your brand’s value statement and voice to relate to your ideal clients.

I'm ready to put myself forward and call in an abundance of clients that align with my work.


I can help you release limiting beliefs that may be holding you and your business back.



Your brand is my passion. View the work that sets Lightwalker Brands apart.

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